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Pre-algebra subtraction 3

While trying to fill the flask, the 7th grade child should be able to solve the unknown variable in the equation which has subtraction as their main operation. It is important that the child playing this game have prior practice so that they can use this game to check out their ability to solve such […]

Pre-algebra subtraction 2

This is a math quiz that tests the mental abilities to solve such equations where the child is expected to find an unknown number. The game comes with multiple answers where the 7th grade child can solve and choose from. The player should be in a position to calculate and attain the answer without much […]

Pre-algebra subtraction 1

In this game, the 7th grade child will learn how to handle algebra problems that come with subtraction. Each equation comes with unknown variable which the child is expected to solve. The game keeps the player focused because he or she has to keep an eye on the points that can be picked or even […]

Pre-algebra problems with multiplication addition

With this game, the kids will enjoy hooking the fish as they review what they have learnt in their algebra problems. They should be in a position to comfortably take the test without hesitating, especially if they have been playing the pre algebra mathematics that involves multiplication and addition. This is a good game that […]

Percentage of numbers

While hooking fish in this fishing game, the 7th grade child will have a chance to take the review quiz on finding percentages and they will have multiple answers to choose from. At the end of the quiz, the total score will be revealed and the child will be able to tell how good he […]

Finding square roots of numbers

In this game, the 7th grade child will be able to learn more about finding square roots of numbers. The game is expected to teach the player how to solve logic issues. It has multiple choices where the player can pick the answer. The game is good especially for home schooling since it will develop […]

Finding powers and exponents

This is a game that teaches the 7th grade child on how to calculate numbers raised to a power, for example what is 7 to the 2nd power? The game will put to test the mental math abilities of the player. The player is expected to stay alert as they keep an eye on the […]

Find triangle sides by means of Pythagorean Theorem

In this game the grade 7 child is expected to know how to apply the Pythagoras theorem concept so as to find the missing side of right triangle. The game comes with pictures of triangles. There are many people who find it difficult to calculate the missing sides of any shape and triangle is always […]

Find percent’s of numbers

This game will perfect the skills of a grade 7 child when it comes to finding the percentage of numbers, for example what is 30% of 900? The child will therefore be expected to be able to calculate this equation and know what is 30 percent represents in that 900. This game is particularly interesting […]