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Solve the variables game

This is a pre algebra game where the grade 4 child is expected to know how to find the unknown variable in the equation. It is a quiz that comes with multiple choices. Once the player have calculated the equation and found the unknown value, he or she has to pick the correct answer. The correct answer will fill the …

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Multiply two by two digit numbers game

In this game the 4th grade child will learn how to multiply 2 digit numbers by another 2 digit number for example 56×34=? Any correct answer earns them a point which they have to stay alert to protect because they can be taken by the monster in this monster board game. The game is fun and will teach children to …

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Multiply 2 by 2 digit numbers game

This is a good revision game that will help the 4th grader test his or her skills of multiplying 2 by 2 digit numbers. The monster board game makes the game more interesting since the player has to ensure that all the points earned are not lost when he or she is not paying attention. The game gives the player …

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Division of small numbers game

This is the first introduction to division math where the 4th grade child will be introduced to dividing small numbers for example 4 divide by 2=? When the player masters how to calculate this simple division math they will be ready to take a step ahead and try to divide more complicated division math. A correct answer makes the jar …

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Division of 1 and 2 digit numbers

This is a scientific quiz that helps the 4th grader review their abilities to divide 1 and 2 digits numbers which are used as part of the introduction to division in grade 4 classes. The division equation can have remainders or fail to have. The game is good to test the mental abilities. It can be used in home schooling …

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Basic multiplication game

This game is good for grade 4 kids who want to test their multiplication abilities. This can have multiplication of one digit numbers and even the two or more digit numbers. The equation comes with multiple choices where the player can choose from. Each correct answer earns a point which the player has to guide by being alert because the …

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Basic multiplication exercise game

In this monster board game the grade 4 child will enjoy putting into practice his or her multiplication abilities and test how good they are when it comes to the multiplication of different numbers. The exercise is good since it tests the mental abilities of a player who has had multiplication practice before. The game can be used in class …

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Addition of 5 digits horizontally game

This is a math quiz that has equations of adding 5 digits horizontally, for example 565,676+67,543=? The 4th grader will have a chance to choose their answers from the options available. Every correct answer fills a little space of the jar, the more correct answers you have the more you will fill the jar. The jar level is an indication …

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Addition of 5 digits game

In this wheel spin game, the grade 4 kids will enjoy spinning and solving equations of 5 digits such as 23,654+54,632=? This is a trivia question where the kids will enjoy spinning the wheel to choose the question then earn a point with every correct answer. This game can be played in a team so that the kids playing add …

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Addition of 3 four digit numbers game

This online math game will teach the grade 4 kids to add up 3 four digit numbers, for example 2050+6230+4332=? The total can either have a carrying over numbers or may not need to be carried over. Here they will need to understand the concept of carrying forward a number so that they can be able to calculate effectively without …

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