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Roman and Arabic numerals

This game falls under the number theory where the grade 5 child should be able to convert roman into Arabic numerals and they should also be able to count in roman numbers. This may seem as a challenge but with practice the child will soon be enjoying using these different types of numbers which come in roman and in Arabic …

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Pre-algebra addition equations with variables

This game is made of equations that come with unknown value that the grade 5 child has to find out , for example X + 5 = 7 what is the value of X? This topic is also covered in other topics in grade 6 and grade 7 and therefore sharpening skills using this game will help the child when …

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Multiplication with money values

This is a team game that involves multiplication of money values. This wheel spin game comes with random points to be won when the player spins the wheel. The team will earn knowledge on money values which they will use in everyday life activities like buying and selling. The knowledge acquired here will also be used in grade 6 and …

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Multiplication problems

This game will improve the multiplication skills of 5th grade children who will enjoy playing this team game together. They will enjoy sharing this learning wheel spin game. They will spin the wheel as they try to get to the correct answer and also when they are picking an equation. They will also enjoy challenging themselves with this mental math …

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Multiplication of fractions

The fraction multiplication game helps the 5th grade child to know how to multiply sums that are fraction forms. They will know how to go about multiplying fractions. This type of math fall under the topic of pre-algebra. The skills developed here will help the child in handling more complicated yet related problems in grade 6 and grade 7. What …

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Multiplication by two digit numbers

This game will help the 5th grade child to improve their multiplication skills. This game involves multiplying a large number with a two digit number for example 34500 x 22=? This game comes with answers to choose from after you have completed your equation. The player should choose an answer from the answers given.

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Multiplication by single digit numbers

This game will teach the 5th grade child how to multiply using single digit numbers. The math game will help the player improve on their mental math abilities. Each of the questions come with trivia questions with different choices and also come with answer options that the player can choose from.

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Mix operations problems

The math comes with different types of functions in a problem and the child is expected to know how to solve the equation using PEMDAS concept. This equation can look complicated but when played in this monster board game it can be quite interesting and fun. The skills acquired here can also be useful when the child reaches grade 6 …

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Fraction of numbers exercises

This monster board game teaches the 5th grade children to find the relationships between fractions and numbers for example what is ¼ of 200? Once they understand the notion behind such equations they will be able to apply the skills acquired in everyday life activities like shopping, banking and many others. The skills acquired here will also be used in …

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Finding patterns in a sequence

Finding patterns in a sequence is an interactive game that will teach the student how to find the following number via following the given sequence. For example they can be asked to find the next number in this sequence 2,4,6,8 , – . The game will show the player how to find the following number in the given sequence. The …

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