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Addition of 5 digits horizontally game

This is a math quiz that has equations of adding 5 digits horizontally, for example 565,676+67,543=? The 4th grader will have a chance to choose their answers from the options available. Every correct answer fills a little space of the jar, the more correct answers you have the more you will fill the jar. The […]

Addition of 5 digits game

In this wheel spin game, the grade 4 kids will enjoy spinning and solving equations of 5 digits such as 23,654+54,632=? This is a trivia question where the kids will enjoy spinning the wheel to choose the question then earn a point with every correct answer. This game can be played in a team so […]

Addition of 3 four digit numbers game

This online math game will teach the grade 4 kids to add up 3 four digit numbers, for example 2050+6230+4332=? The total can either have a carrying over numbers or may not need to be carried over. Here they will need to understand the concept of carrying forward a number so that they can be […]