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Long division game

In this game, the grade 6 children will learn more about how to divide large numbers of up to thousands, where some of them will have remainders that the player should know how to write as a decimal place. In this game the player will be trying to earn money so that he or she can be a millionaire. The …

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Geometry game

This wheel and spin geometry game is meant to learn how to apply the geometry concept in solving problems such as finding the area of a circle, finding perimeter of a rectangle, and also how to use the Pythagorean theorem in solving more complex matters. This game can be used both in school and at home to test how good …

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Division problems exercise game

In this game the 6th grader will get a chance to review their division skills. It is a multiple choice game where the player will be filling the coffee jug with each correct answer. The game is good for kids to use both at home and also in school. It is important for the kids to know their abilities so …

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Divide 2 by 1 digit numbers game

While aiming at being a millionaire in the game, the player in this game will learn how divide and solve division problems. The more problems the 6th grader solves correctly the more money they will get as they get closer to being millionaires. The game comes with trivia questions which can be used both at home and in school.

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Decimals game

In this game, the 6th graders will have fun spinning the wheel as they try to solve problems of decimals. They will deal with subtraction, addition, multiplication and division of decimal numbers. In this game they will also cover the rounding off of decimal numbers. With all these under one game, the more the player plays the game, the better …

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Basic long division game

This game is used by 6th graders to test their long division skills through the use of trivia questions. The more questions they answer correctly the more they will fill the flask. They therefore have to try and be accurate in their answers so that they can fill up the flask, otherwise they will just see how close they came …

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Algebra game

In this game the grade 6 children will have a chance to learn how to find the value of unknown variable in a given equation which the player will randomly pick on the wheel and spin board. The game features all algebra related problems including addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. The variable should be found by making the unknown the …

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Addition up to hundred thousand game

This is a multiple choice trivia quiz game is good for the grade 6 students to test their skills on what they have learnt. The interactive game is one of the best because children enjoy keeping an eye on the monster as they protect the points earned during the game. They will also be working extra hard to solve the …

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Addition of three numbers game

This is a mathematics test for the player to revise what he or she has learnt throughout the term or throughout the month. The player will get equations like 675+1432+4354=? The game serves as an online test for those 6th grade students who would like to go through what they have learnt while also enjoying dodging the monsters who are …

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Addition of 3 numbers game

In this game the 6th grade child will enjoy putting their brains to the test when it comes adding three big numbers. They have to learn how to carry and regroup while calculating the equation. The player will have all his or her mind glued to what is going on the screen so as to make sure that he or …

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