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Subtract up to millions game

In this wheel and spin game, the kids will review their knowledge and ability to subtract large numbers of up to millions. The kids should be able to clearly understand the subtraction rules especially if there is a carry forward or regrouping necessary. Understanding this concept will help the grade 6 child learn how to solve logic problems in everyday …

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Square roots game

This is a game that is good for children to use to review if they have understood the concept of finding a square root of, for example, find the square root of 121? It comes with multiple math quiz and answers. Once you have solved an equation, you should be in a position to pick the correct answer which will …

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Round up decimals to nearest ten game

In this game, the children will learn how to easily round off decimals to the nearest ten. The grade 6 children will enjoy playing on this snake and ladder board as they learn how to solve the rounding up equations. Snake and ladder game, is a game that many children understand since it has been in existence for a long …

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Percentages and ratios game

In these snakes and ladders games, the 6th grade player will have fun testing their skills when it comes to finding percentages and calculating ratios. You should be always watching out for the snake and take the ladder up so that you can get the end with ease. They specifically learn how to find the equality of ratios as a …

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Numbers game

Spin the wheel and spell a number! In this game the 6th graders will enjoy spelling numbers, place value, factors, LCM and also roman numerals. This is a good team game where the players will enjoy taking turns and earning points with each correct answer. The players will have a chance to review their grade skills through this test. The …

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Multiplication of decimals game

This is one of the very interesting online games. It is used by the grade 6 students to learn more about multiplying decimals. They will learn how to carry numbers across after multiplying decimals that have different decimal places. This is a snake and ladder game and therefore the players who should play in turns should avoid the snakes and …

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Multiplication by 2 digit numbers game

The grade 6 children who enjoy mathematics will enjoy having fun here as they test their advanced multiplication abilities. They will enjoy spinning the wheel as they earn points with each correct answer that they give. The interactive game can be used at home and also in school.

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Multiplication by 1 digit numbers game

In this online game, the grade 6 player will learn how to easily handling the problem of multiplying a big number with one digit numbers for example 4220x 4=? This game comes with answers to choose from and every correct answer goes to fill the jar. The more correct answers given, the better because the jar will fill up fast.

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Mixed operations game

In this mixed operations game, the grade 6 player will have a chance to test their skills when it comes to solving different equations that come with different operations like subtraction, division, multiplication and addition. In this game, the player will enjoy spinning the wheel while earning points after giving the correct answer.

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Mixed operations

In this mixed operations game, the 6th grader will learn how to solve percentages, ratios, roots, and subtraction equations. In this wheel and spin game, you will find multiple choice math quiz where the player will have a chance to spin the wheel and answer the questions as they earn themselves points. The game is good to be used in …

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