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Square roots

While testing their skills on how to find square roots, the grade 7 child will be able to enjoy spinning the wheel so as to earn more points as the game continues. The interactive game will enable the child to learn more about their abilities to solve these square root equations. The game is good for both school and home …

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Solve percentage of numbers problem

This is a test on how to find percentages. The 7th grade child will be able to understand the basic concept behind finding percentages. Dealing with percentages is the same as dealing with fractions and they are solved in the same way. The game should be able to perfect the skills of the child when it comes solving.

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Scientific notation exercises

These are tests that will test the skills of using the scientific concept. They should be able to solve all the given equations so as to be able to fill up the jar in this game. If it is not filled they will have an idea about how close they were to filling up the jar. This interactive game will …

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Scientific notation and standard forms

in this game the 7th grade child will learn to convert between scientific notations and standard forms. This is a quiz game that will test the mental abilities of the child when it comes to dealing with scientific notations. The player should solve the problem while trying to fill the jar.

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Raising numbers to powers exponents

In this game, the 7th grade child should be in a position test their skills using this math game that serves as a review test for the children. This game can be used by parents while conducting home schooling and it can also be used by teachers to add fun to solving problems that are raised to a power.

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Pre-algebra with multiplication addition

In this fishing game, the 7th grade child will enjoy testing their skills and perfecting their ability to solve problems of algebra I and algebra II. The child should be able to find the value of the unknown variable given in the equation. This game can be used in the classroom as supplementary online paper. They will enjoy sharpening their …

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Pre-algebra subtraction 4

This is a game that will come with more complicated algebra problems that use subtraction in its operations. The child can print out the worksheet so that they can have more practice in the house or in school. It is important that they all understand the concept of using subtraction in their algebra problems.

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Pre-algebra subtraction 3

While trying to fill the flask, the 7th grade child should be able to solve the unknown variable in the equation which has subtraction as their main operation. It is important that the child playing this game have prior practice so that they can use this game to check out their ability to solve such algebra problems.

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Pre-algebra subtraction 2

This is a math quiz that tests the mental abilities to solve such equations where the child is expected to find an unknown number. The game comes with multiple answers where the 7th grade child can solve and choose from. The player should be in a position to calculate and attain the answer without much difficulty especially if they had …

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Pre-algebra subtraction 1

In this game, the 7th grade child will learn how to handle algebra problems that come with subtraction. Each equation comes with unknown variable which the child is expected to solve. The game keeps the player focused because he or she has to keep an eye on the points that can be picked or even lost depending on how well …

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