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Finding factors of two numbers

A factor is a number that can divide a number without a remainder. Therefore finding factors of two numbers will mean that you have to give the greatest common factor for the two numbers that have been given for example you can be give an equation to find the factors of 24 and 48. The player will have to find …

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Finding equivalent fractions

This game will teach the 5th grade player how to find the equivalent of a fraction. They will learn about the denominator and the numerator. They should be in a position to understand the notion behind the equivalent fractions so that they can be in a position to effectively solve the problem given in the game. They should be in …

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Find the unknown variables pre-algebra

This game will teach the 5th grade student how to find the unknown values in a given equation. For example they will learn how to handle a sum like this 8+Y=12 – what is the value of Y. The player should be able to find the value of Y in this equation. The game will improve the skills of the …

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Division of fractions

Handling fractions problems is a challenge to many. The 5th grader will learn how to divide fractions while also enjoying hooking a fish. This fishing game is enjoyable to fifth graders plus also shows how to handle division when dealing with fractions. After several games the player should be able to divide a fraction with a fraction or even a …

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Converting scales from mm cm ft yd

Converting scales is a skill that is used in everyday life and therefore acquiring these skills early is imperative. This metric system game will teach the player how to convert millimeters to centimeters and feet to yards and vice versa. The monster board used in this game makes the game more interesting for the player who will not only be …

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Convert fractions to decimals

In fifth grade, you get to learn about converting fractions to decimals and vice versa. This game will show the 5th grader how calculate and convert fractions to decimals. For example the student will be able to calculate ¾ and change it into a decimal. This is a fishing game that will make the game more fun for the one …

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Algebra problems with decimals

Algebra math are a big challenge especially when it comes to calculating it; this becomes more complicated when it is algebra with decimals. The interactive game educates the 5th grader on how to calculate and find out the value of a letter for example the value of Y or value of X in a given sum. The answer is expected …

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Addition with decimals

Adding decimal numbers has always been a challenge to students who are seeing that type of math for the first time. A fifth grader may not necessarily be seeing this type of math for the first time but can still have challenges when adding math that have two different decimal places. Adding decimals will no longer be a challenge for …

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Addition of 3 decimals numbers

This is an interactive math game that will teach the 5th grader child how to add 3 decimal numbers while also enjoying playing. The player will improve his or her skills of adding numbers like 2.3+5.6+7.4= math. While learning decimals it is a challenge to many when it comes to identifying the right place to place the decimal after getting …

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