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Telling time with Roman numeral clocks

In math is where children learn to tell time using clocks. Once they have understood the standard clock, then this is the best game to take their abilities to the next level of telling time with Roman numeral numbers. In this game they will review two skills, that of telling time and that of using roman numerals. They can also …

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Subtraction with fractions

After understanding how to add fractions, this game will teach the 5th grade child how to subtract one fraction from another fraction. The child should be in a position to understand how to work with the numerator and denominator when dealing with subtraction sums. In other equation the player will have to find the lowest common multiple so that he …

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Subtraction of numbers

These are some of the main math equations that are taught in the beginning of school. It will be fun for a 5th grade student to sharpen and perfect their skills of subtraction especially when dealing with large numbers. The game is made more interesting with the monster board game where the monster steals points if the player is not …

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Subtract up to hundreds and thousands

This fishing game is good to review children abilities when it comes to mental math. The equations here involve those problems that require carrying across when doing the calculations. The children will enjoy hooking fish while subtracting the given equation. The grade 5 players will sharpen and perfect their subtraction abilities when playing this game. The more they play the …

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Subtract numbers up to millions

Playing this monster board game will teach the 5th grade child to subtract large numbers of up to million. The monster board has points that can be earned and can also be easily lost if the player is not careful. There are monsters that the player has to keep an eye on or else all the points will be lost. …

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Simplifying fractions

This game involves reducing fraction to its lowest form. The game involves both proper and improper fractions which come with common factors. After simplifying the answer may be a whole number or even a fraction. Solving equations in this area requires dividing skills, so that the player can be able to divide the fractions as given in this game. This …

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Simplify fractions

This fishing game will teach the grade 5 child how to reduce the fractions. The rules are that the denominator and numerator should have common factors, which will enable them to be divided. The numerator should also be larger than the denominator so that they can be divisible. This game will also introduce the notion of making a remainder to …

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Simplify expressions using order of operations

This is a wheel spin game that shows the 5th grade child how to use PEMDAS in solving math problems. PEMDAS is all about arranging a given mixed equating in good order. The equation will come with mixed functions of addition, multiplication, brackets and many other different math functions and the child is expected to know how to apply PEMDAS …

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Scientific notation

This is a game on scientific notes. The player will learn how to convert different numbers from the given standard form to expanded form. The equation should be done through the use of scientific notes. The game introduces the player to algebra II which is important in grade 6 and grade 7. This millionaire game will not only improve the …

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Round up numbers nearest ten and hundreds

In this fishing game, the 5th grade child will learn and enjoy rounding numbers to the nearest to and to the nearest hundred. Rounding off comes with some rules which the player has to have knowledge of before trying to play this game. This game is good to use when self testing the rounding off abilities either at home or …

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